Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
CND Green (A Plan) Topic 1 Australia Canada Chile Cuba France India Netherlands Pakistan Russian Federation Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States returned 03/27/21 03:41:14 PM
GA Plen Magenta Information Sharing Argentina Bulgaria Chile Cote d’Ivoire Cuba Denmark France Italy Netherlands Palestine Spain United Kingdom United States Australia accepted 03/27/21 03:41:52 PM
WFP-EB SAGITTARIUS Expanding Food Security for Socially Excluded and Marginalized Groups Australia China India Republic of Korea Sweden editing 03/28/21 04:02:10 PM
GA Plen Bat DRR Australia Bulgaria Cote d’Ivoire France Germany Italy Palestine South Africa Spain Ukraine accepted 03/28/21 04:32:05 PM
CND Turquoise (CACE-N) Topic 2 Australia Canada China France Italy Netherlands Russian Federation Turkey Ukraine returned 03/28/21 03:14:34 AM