Côte d'Ivoire

Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
GA Plen Emerald Green Fostering Sustainability In Food Supply Chain Brazil Canada Cote D'Ivoire Egypt Ethiopia Ireland Kuwait Morocco Norway Republic of Korea Singapore South Africa accepted 03/26/22 01:49:32 AM
ILC 1-1 Biome Baby Protecting the Environment Amid Armed Conflict Chile Cote D'Ivoire Czech Republic Kenya Republic of Korea Romania Sierra Leone Spain United Kingdom United States of America Morocco accepted 03/25/22 07:46:33 PM
ILC 2-3 Worldwide Data Protection Regulation (WDPR) Strengthening the Protection of Personal Data in Transborder Flows of Information Algeria Colombia Cote D'Ivoire France India Romania United Kingdom United States of America returned 03/26/22 05:45:31 PM
GA Plen Calico Encouraging Economic Integration Measures for Stateless Populations in Host Countries Cameroon Cote D'Ivoire Singapore Ethiopia editing 03/26/22 06:48:12 PM