Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
ILO 1-5 "Joint Rising Star" Addressing the Impacts of Automation on the Global Workforce Canada Czech Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo Guatemala Indonesia Jordan Morocco Nicaragua Norway Tunisia United Republic of Tanzania United States of America accepted 03/26/22 01:32:30 AM
ILO 2-2 "CIFDEW" Improving Inclusivity of Disabled Workers into the Future Labor Market Australia Czech Republic Indonesia Nicaragua Norway Tunisia accepted 03/26/22 07:38:53 PM
DISEC 1-4 Combating the Global Illicit Arms Trade Australia Indonesia Iraq Kenya Russian Federation Serbia South Africa accepted 11/19/22 01:29:17 PM
HRC Elephant Creating Equity for Persons with Disabilities Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Brazil China Cuba Honduras India Indonesia Poland Qatar Venezuela editing 11/19/22 04:33:31 PM