Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
UNICEF-EB 1-2 Addressing the Needs of Homeless Youth Populations New Zealand Zimbabwe Mexico Morocco Netherlands Paraguay accepted 11/19/21 09:25:53 PM
INTERPOL Working Paper 1-2 (Draft 2) Topic 1 Argentina China Czech Republic Germany Ireland Kenya Mexico Russian Federation Saudi Arabia Turkey editing 11/19/21 08:47:53 PM
SC Peacekeeping in Cyprus Addressing the Situation in Cyprus China India Ireland Kenya Mexico Niger Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Tunisia United Kingdom United States of America accepted 11/20/21 06:40:45 PM
INTERPOL Working Paper 1-3 (Now Draft Resolution 1-2) Topic 1 Belgium Canada Chile Costa Rica France Israel Japan Mexico Paraguay United States of America Brazil accepted 11/19/21 11:37:11 PM
SC Sanctions on Turkey Addressing the Situation in Cyprus China Estonia France India Ireland Mexico Russian Federation Tunisia Viet Nam accepted 11/20/21 06:40:53 PM
INTERPOL Working Paper - Roots of Evil Topic 2 Brazil Georgia Germany Kenya Mexico Morocco Romania Slovakia South Africa Turkey returned 11/20/21 04:25:35 PM
UNICEF-EB 2021 Combating the Exploitation of Children by Violent Extremist Groups Argentina Costa Rica Cuba Germany Japan Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Paraguay Slovakia accepted 11/20/21 09:03:24 PM
UNEA Boba Promoting Inclusion of Women, Youth, and Underrepresented Populations in Environmental Governance Belgium Chile Congo (Democratic Republic of the) Costa Rica Georgia Germany Indonesia Ireland Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Slovakia South Africa Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Zimbabwe returned 11/20/21 06:58:48 PM
GA Plen Polar Bear 2-3 The Role of Youth in Utilizing Media to Promote a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence Canada France Germany Ireland Japan Mexico New Zealand Slovakia South Africa Sweden Tunisia United States accepted 11/20/21 07:55:20 PM
SC Ceasefire in Cyprus The Developing Situation in Cyprus China Estonia France Mexico Saint Vincent & the Grenadines United Kingdom United States accepted 11/20/21 08:38:54 PM