Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
ILC 1-3 PMEDINSAIC Protecting the Environment Amid Armed Conflict Austria Brazil Colombia Finland India Japan Nicaragua Peru South Africa accepted 03/25/22 11:15:36 PM
UNFPA 1-1 Expanding on Gender-Based Violence Prevention Methods and Standards China Czech Republic Kuwait Norway Peru Ukraine United Kingdom United States of America accepted 03/26/22 01:22:43 AM
ECLAC Working Paper 1-3 Combating Rural Poverty Through Sustainable Innovation and Inclusion Colombia Cuba France Germany Japan Nicaragua Norway Peru Spain United Kingdom accepted 03/26/22 06:33:55 PM
ILC 2-1 Cyberspace, the First Frontier Strengthening the Protection of Personal Data in Transborder Flows of Information Austria Brazil China Ecuador Finland Japan Mexico Morocco Nicaragua Peru Portugal Republic of Korea returned 03/26/22 05:45:21 PM
ECLAC Working Paper 2-1 Strengthening Environmental and Biodiversity Protections through the Empowerment of Indigenous People Brazil Canada Ecuador France Netherlands Peru Portugal United States of America accepted 03/26/22 06:44:25 PM