Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
GA Plen Periwinkle Fostering Sustainability in Food Supply Chains Austria Czech Republic Denmark Finland France India Italy Mexico Netherlands Portugal Ukraine accepted 03/26/22 01:49:39 AM
ECLAC Working Paper 1-2 Combating Rural Poverty Through Sustainable Innovation and Inclusion Brazil Canada Colombia Ecuador Germany Guatemala Italy Portugal Republic of Korea United Kingdom United States of America Venezuela accepted 03/26/22 06:34:12 PM
ILO 1-6 "FEA" Addressing the Impacts of Automation on the Global Workforce Argentina Democratic Republic of the Congo Ecuador Ethiopia Germany Iran Italy Jordan Mexico Nigeria Portugal Romania Russian Federation Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Singapore Spain Switzerland Ukraine United States of America Venezuela accepted 03/26/22 03:10:10 PM
ILC 2-1 Cyberspace, the First Frontier Strengthening the Protection of Personal Data in Transborder Flows of Information Austria Brazil China Ecuador Finland Japan Mexico Morocco Nicaragua Peru Portugal Republic of Korea returned 03/26/22 05:45:21 PM
ECLAC Working Paper 2-1 Strengthening Environmental and Biodiversity Protections through the Empowerment of Indigenous People Brazil Canada Ecuador France Netherlands Peru Portugal United States of America accepted 03/26/22 06:44:25 PM
GA Plen Sphinx Encouraging Economic Integration Measures for Stateless Populations in Host Countries Australia Canada Colombia Ecuador Egypt Estonia Ethiopia France India Kuwait Netherlands Portugal Switzerland Ukraine editing 03/26/22 06:59:49 PM