Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
CSW 1-3 Addressing the Effects of Forced Displacement on Women Armenia Belarus Brazil China India Philippines Russian Federation South Africa returned 11/17/23 09:20:32 PM
GA Plen 1-2 II. Addressing the Global Housing Crisis and the Right to Adequate Housing Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Brazil Ecuador Egypt Finland Norway Philippines Portugal Senegal South Africa Sweden United States of America accepted 11/18/23 01:41:26 AM
CSW 1-5 Addressing the Effects of Forced Displacement on Women Algeria Armenia Australia Belarus Brazil Mexico Nigeria Senegal Tunisia returned 11/17/23 09:20:50 PM
CSW Lavender Evaluating the Role of Women in the Conduct of Organized Crime Belarus China Cuba India Japan Malaysia South Africa returned 11/18/23 03:44:19 PM
GA Plen 2-1 I. Combatting Disinformation in Times of Crisis Armenia Belarus Chile Colombia Egypt Kuwait Portugal accepted 11/18/23 07:07:36 PM

Speaker's List

  • Commission on the Status of Women