Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
UNESCO Working Paper 1-4 I. Protecting Education Systems within Conflict Regions China Dominican Republic Egypt France Germany Ghana Hungary Italy Japan Jordan Kuwait Philippines Republic of Korea Senegal Turkey Uruguay South Africa accepted 11/18/23 02:11:45 AM
GA Plen 1-3 II. Addressing the Global Housing Crisis and the Right to Adequate Housing Austria Czech Republic Dominican Republic Egypt Hungary Poland Russian Federation Ukraine Azerbaijan Israel Japan accepted 11/18/23 01:41:19 AM
WTO 1-2: Snorlax TBD Argentina Canada Ecuador Ghana Haiti Israel Japan Pakistan Portugal Thailand United Kingdom Australia Brazil China Hungary Saudi Arabia Yemen accepted 11/18/23 02:22:49 PM
GA Plen 2-4 I. Combatting Disinformation in Times of Crisis Afghanistan Albania Angola Argentina China Cuba Egypt Hungary Iran (Islamic Republic of) Kuwait Saudi Arabia Senegal South Africa United Arab Emirates accepted 11/19/23 02:33:22 PM
WTO 2-2: Sea Expanding the Role of Human Rights and Labor Standards in Trade Agreements China Colombia Hungary Israel Jordan Kuwait Mozambique Qatar Saudi Arabia Senegal Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates Viet Nam Yemen returned 11/18/23 07:26:25 PM