Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
SC Two-State Solution Addressing the Loss of Civilian Life in Gaza China France Russian Federation United Arab Emirates United States of America Ghana returned 03/22/24 05:52:49 PM
CND Givenchy Addressing the Role of Alternative Development within Global Drug Control Systems Belgium China Ghana Italy Peru Qatar Singapore accepted 03/22/24 07:34:46 PM
SC Snake Nest Addressing the Threats and Challenges of "Hacktivate" Albania Ecuador France Gabon Ghana Japan Mozambique Russian Federation Switzerland United States of America returned 03/23/24 01:13:39 PM
SC Shoutout Navigating Emergent Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa France Ghana Switzerland United States of America returned 03/23/24 06:08:32 PM
CND Hercules Promoting Sustainable Strategies to Combat Illicit Drug Abuse within Marginalized Communities Armenia Brazil Ghana Italy Kenya Malta Mexico Peru Singapore Spain accepted 03/23/24 06:54:19 PM

Speaker's List

  • United Nations Habitat Assembly
  • Commission on Narcotic Drugs