Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
CND Blue (APES) Topic 1 Brazil Chile France Mexico Morocco Peru Poland Sweden returned 03/27/21 03:41:23 PM
GA Plen Green Economic Bonds, National Voluntary Review Brazil Colombia Israel Mexico Morocco Russian Federation Spain Sweden accepted 03/27/21 07:02:47 PM
GA 4th RED 2-1 Retraining Peacekeeper to Better Adapt to Their Expanding Mandates Argentina Belgium Canada Chile Israel Morocco Republic of Korea Russian Federation Turkey United Kingdom Palestine accepted 03/27/21 07:32:30 PM
GA 4th Blue 2-2 Retraining Peacekeepers to Better Adapt to Their Expanded Mandates Brazil Cote d’Ivoire Cuba France Germany Morocco Poland Spain Sweden Viet Nam Denmark accepted 03/27/21 03:55:38 PM
GA Plen Purple Climate China Cuba Lithuania Morocco Netherlands Sweden Denmark accepted 03/27/21 07:02:54 PM
GA 4th 1-1 Cardinal Expanding Access to Relief Programs for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Argentina Belgium Canada Chile Cote d’Ivoire Cuba Denmark France Germany Morocco Poland Russian Federation Spain Sweden United Kingdom Viet Nam accepted 03/28/21 03:43:15 PM
CND Periwinkle (Sharing is Caring) Topic 2 France Mexico Morocco Poland Sweden United Kingdom returned 03/28/21 02:18:50 AM
GA Plen Tiger DRR Belgium China Israel Lithuania Mexico Morocco Russian Federation Spain returned 03/28/21 03:48:16 PM
GA Plen WP Perriwinkle transportation and storage infrastructure China Ecuador Egypt Ethiopia Haiti Latvia Lebanon Morocco Poland Uganda Ukraine returned 10/02/21 08:51:23 PM
GA Plen WP Purple Improving Equitable Distribution of Vaccines Canada El Salvador India Kazakhstan Morocco Nigeria Yemen returned 10/02/21 10:03:00 PM