Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
CND Blue (APES) Topic 1 Brazil Chile France Mexico Morocco Peru Poland Sweden returned 03/27/21 03:41:23 PM
GA 4th Yellow 2-4 Retraining Peacekeepers to Better Adapt to Their Expanded Mandates Lithuania Mexico Peru United Kingdom accepted 03/27/21 06:18:02 PM
WFP-EB LIBRA Expanding Food Security for Socially Excluded and Marginalized Groups Argentina Brazil Canada China Germany India Netherlands Peru Poland Russian Federation Sweden United Kingdom United States editing 03/28/21 04:01:59 PM
CND Chartreuse (Scientific and Medicinal Outlook) Topic 2 Colombia Cuba France India Peru Spain United States returned 03/28/21 01:51:38 PM
GA 4th 1-2 Blue Jay Expanding Access to Relief Programs for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Canada Chile Dominican Republic Italy Mexico Peru Republic of Korea Turkey accepted 03/28/21 03:43:25 PM