Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
GA 4th RED 2-1 Retraining Peacekeeper to Better Adapt to Their Expanding Mandates Argentina Belgium Canada Chile Israel Morocco Republic of Korea Russian Federation Turkey United Kingdom Palestine accepted 03/27/21 07:32:30 PM
NATO 2.3 The Crisis in the United Kingdom Belgium Bulgaria Denmark Germany Lithuania United States editing 03/27/21 11:40:01 PM
CND Magenta Topic 1 Germany Italy Jamaica South Africa Spain Colombia Belgium returned 03/27/21 03:41:05 PM
GA 4th 1-1 Cardinal Expanding Access to Relief Programs for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Argentina Belgium Canada Chile Cote d’Ivoire Cuba Denmark France Germany Morocco Poland Russian Federation Spain Sweden United Kingdom Viet Nam accepted 03/28/21 03:43:15 PM
GA Plen Tiger DRR Belgium China Israel Lithuania Mexico Morocco Russian Federation Spain returned 03/28/21 03:48:16 PM
SC Crisis Directive Israel-Lebanon Crisis Belgium China Dominican Republic Estonia France Germany Indonesia South Africa United Kingdom United States Viet Nam accepted 03/28/21 05:24:02 PM
NATO Press Release Chelsea Stadium Attack Press Release Albania Belgium Lithuania Poland Romania United Kingdom accepted 10/03/21 04:32:57 PM
NATO Po-PO Current Crisis Surrounding the London Bombing Belgium Estonia Latvia Lithuania Romania merged 10/03/21 07:48:35 PM
NATO Consolidated Overarching Program and Bloc-Attack Non-Detrimental Instrumental Treaty (C.O.P. and B.A.N.D.I.T.) Current Crisis Surrounding the London Bombing Bulgaria Croatia Estonia France Iceland Latvia Norway Poland Portugal Albania Belgium Canada Denmark Hungary Romania Turkey accepted 10/03/21 08:38:46 PM