Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
UNRWA Ocean Reevaluating Limitations on Registering as a Refugee from Palestine Denmark Italy Jordan Spain Switzerland United Arab Emirates accepted 03/24/23 07:52:21 PM
GA Plen Octagon Stabilizing Developing Economies During Global Political Unrest Brazil Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Ethiopia Iran (Islamic Republic of) Israel Malaysia Monaco Peru Russian Federation Spain Tanzania, United Republic of Thailand Japan United Arab Emirates returned 03/24/23 04:06:45 PM
GA Plen Star Stabilizing Developing Economies During Global Political Unrest Australia Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Denmark Finland Germany Ireland Italy Latvia New Zealand Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey editing 03/24/23 10:54:31 PM
UNRWA Lime Protecting Noncombatant Palestine Refugees in Armed Conflicts Australia Belgium Denmark Germany India Italy Japan Jordan Norway Spain Sweden editing 03/25/23 05:46:48 PM
GA Plen Jaguar Addressing Systemic Discrimination and Inequity Towards Indigenous Societies Argentina Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador El Salvador Gabon Honduras Indonesia Italy Montenegro Peru South Africa Spain Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Korea (Republic of) returned 03/25/23 03:42:47 PM