Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
GA Plen Iron Man Topic I: Establishing the United Nations Cybercrime Treaty Bangladesh France Italy Morocco Peru editing 03/22/24 08:16:11 PM
CND Tiffany & Co. Addressing the Role of Alternative Development within Global Drug Control Systems Australia Bangladesh Indonesia Kenya Morocco Republic of Korea Saudi Arabia Singapore Spain Thailand United Republic of Tanzania accepted 03/23/24 01:21:05 PM
GA Plen Tom and Jerry 1 Combating the Illicit Trade of Cultural Artifacts and Property Afghanistan Armenia Australia Austria Bangladesh Belarus Cambodia Cameroon Chile China Colombia Cote D'Ivoire Democratic Republic of the Congo Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt Ethiopia Guatemala Jamaica Lithuania Mexico Morocco Myanmar Peru Saint Vincent and the Grenadines South Sudan Spain Thailand Zimbabwe merged 03/23/24 01:41:26 PM
GA Plen Mordecai and Rigby Combating the Illicit Trade of Cultural Artifacts and Property Algeria Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo Ethiopia Jamaica Kenya Madagascar Morocco Qatar South Sudan Tunisia United Arab Emirates Zimbabwe returned 03/23/24 03:32:36 PM
CND Eros Promoting Sustainable Strategies to Combat Illicit Drug Abuse within Marginalized Communities Algeria Argentina Chile Colombia Cote D'Ivoire Iran (Islamic Republic of) Morocco Netherlands Portugal Uruguay accepted 03/23/24 06:54:36 PM

Speaker's List

  • Commission on Narcotic Drugs