Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
PBC Pterodactyl I. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Peacebuilding Engagements in Sub-Saharan Africa Bangladesh Brazil Bulgaria Ethiopia Germany Japan Mozambique Norway Peru Republic of Korea accepted 03/23/24 12:53:54 AM
GA Plen Ant Man Topic I: Establishing the United Nations Cybercrime Treaty Argentina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Ethiopia France Malta Mozambique Netherlands Norway Philippines Portugal Singapore Tunisia United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of returned 03/22/24 06:44:19 PM
GA Plen Fluttershy Combating the Illicit Trade of Cultural Artifacts and Property Afghanistan Bangladesh Belarus Canada Croatia Denmark Malta Netherlands Norway Philippines Portugal Russian Federation Rwanda Syrian Arab Republic United Kingdom editing 03/23/24 03:07:54 PM
PBC Jakeosaurus Addressing Conflict Through Climate-Security and Environmental Peacebuilding Efforts Brazil Canada China Egypt Ethiopia France Nepal Norway Russian Federation United Kingdom United States of America returned 03/23/24 06:55:04 PM

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