General Assembly Plenary


SRMUN Rules of Procedure are found on Page 23 of your DRG. As we move into voting procedure, please note that the five shaded motions (PADAR) are the ONLY motions that can be used during voting procedure.

All amendments must be submitted to the Director prior to Closure of Debate. See link below for amendment form.

Welcome GA Plen Delegates! Before we get started, please make sure your zoom name is changed to your country name (short form).

If you have any questions please put them in the chat and/or direct message your assistant director.

Our committee email is

As a reminder please keep yourself muted until called to speak.

Quorum: 11
Simple Majority: 17
2/3: 21
25% Sponsors and Signatories: 8

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We are in an unmoderated caucus until 12:59 p.m.!

Working Papers

Committee Code Topic Sponsors Status Last Update
GA Plen Golden Lion DRR Argentina Chile Colombia Cuba Denmark Estonia Germany Netherlands South Africa Spain Sweden Ukraine United Kingdom editing 03/28/21 12:02:52 AM
GA Plen Green Economic Bonds, National Voluntary Review Brazil Colombia Israel Mexico Morocco Russian Federation Spain Sweden accepted 03/27/21 07:02:47 PM
GA Plen Purple Climate China Cuba Denmark Lithuania Morocco Netherlands Sweden accepted 03/27/21 07:02:54 PM
GA Plen Tiger DRR Belgium China Israel Lithuania Mexico Morocco Russian Federation Spain returned 03/28/21 03:48:16 PM
GA Plen Bat DRR Australia Bulgaria Cote d’Ivoire France Germany Italy Palestine South Africa Spain Ukraine accepted 03/28/21 04:32:05 PM
GA Plen Magenta Information Sharing Argentina Australia Bulgaria Chile Cote d’Ivoire Cuba Denmark France Italy Netherlands Palestine Spain United Kingdom United States accepted 03/27/21 03:41:52 PM
GA Plen Golden Lion Disaster Risk Reduction Argentina Chile Colombia Cuba Denmark Estonia Germany Netherlands South Africa Spain Sweden Ukraine United Kingdom returned 03/28/21 03:08:37 PM

Draft Resolutions

Code Topic PDF Last Update
1-3 DRR 03/28/21 05:34:28 PM
2-1 Information Sharing & Partnerships 03/27/21 09:46:52 PM
2-2 Economic 03/27/21 09:47:10 PM
2-3 Climate 03/27/21 09:47:24 PM
1-1 DRR 03/28/21 05:35:21 PM
1-2 DRR 03/28/21 05:35:54 PM


Code Topic PDF Results
Resolution 2-1 Adopted by Acclamation
Resolution 2-2 Placard Vote - Passed
Resolution 1-2 DRR Passed
Resolution 2-3 Placard Vote - Passed
Resolution 1-3 DRR Passed
Resolution 1-1 DRR Passed

Speaker's List

Speaker's List Queue
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland